Tiger Lily is an England rabbit from the episode, "The Tale of the New Rabbit Friend". She is currently the other female rabbit in the series and Lily Bobtail's next female rabbit friend after Mopsy Rabbit and Flopsy Rabbit.

Appearance Edit

Tiger Lily has dull brown fur, and has a pink bow on her head. She wears a yellow dress and a yellow skirt decorated with pink ribbons. She also has a friendship bracelet on her right wrist, and has green eyes.

Personality Edit

Tiger Lily is calm, generous, and unselfish. She is never angry in some episodes, and has a shy and delighted personality, and is good-natured.

History Edit

She first moves to the forest from England to Europe in the episode, "The Tale of the New Rabbit Friend". Lily Bobtail, Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit later decided to give Tiger Lily a tour around the forest, and showed her a garden owned by a dangerous man called Mr. McGregor who just succeeded that he had already put Peter's father inside a pie. Peter told her that his father is never founded by anyone else, especially an animal. After a long tour around the forest, Tiger Lily started to like her new home, and starts attending Peter, Lily and Benjamin's first day at Forest Summerside Elementary School.

She later appears in "The Tale of the Goodbye Rabbit", where she needs to go back to England to visit her Aunt Gigi who is ill. She says goodbye to Lily, Peter, Benjamin and the others, and went back to England to visit her sick aunt. The rabbits are later having dinner, and they told Peter's mother that they missed Tiger Lily so much that she needs to go back to England to see her aunt.

Later, at bedtime, Peter's mother told him that there is someone that wants to talk to him. He later founds a letter on his window, which is from Tiger Lily, stating that she missed him. Peter felt very happy that Tiger Lily sent a letter to him stating that she missed him and his friends in Europe.

In "The Tale of the Lollipop Badger", where she has returned to Europe because her Aunt Gigi is felt better. She dressed up as a moth fairy and goes trick-or-treating with her friends and Cotton-Tail Rabbit. After trick-or-treating, they noticed that the sweets inside their trick-or-treating bags are gone. It's revealed that the badger had stolen all the candy.

The four went to get their candy back. They sneaked into the badger's house, and take the candy back, and the badger awake, and they go through a rabbit tunnel, with the badger being angry.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a character from Disney's Peter Pan with the same name as well.