The Shrew is a small mouselike animal and one of the recurring secondary antagonists in the Peter Rabbit (TV Series) who always loves his Dandelions. He likes to keep to himself, and becomes very mean, selfish, angry and rude to anyone who comes near him and his dandelions. His territory possesses a bountiful field of dandelions, which he guards against Peter Rabbit, or any other rabbit. He once tracked down Peter to his burrow to demand the return of dandelions picked by Peter and his friends. He is the object of Cotton-tail's affection, much to his dismay.

The Shrew is voiced by Spike Spencer in the US version and Justin Trefgarne in the U.K. version.

Personality Edit

Shrew loves to keep to himself, and is very calm when he is alone, but when anyone comes near him he becomes angry, mean, and rude to those around him. He also hates it when anyone eat his dandelions.

Physical Appearance Edit

Shrew is, as you'd expect, a shrew with Brown fur and a long tail and nose.

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Cotton-Tail Rabbit

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Shrew's Gallery

Trivia Edit

  • He is not scared of Mr Tod on { The Tale of the Saving of the Shrew}, or Tommy Brock or Old Brown.
  • He hates it when people steal his dandylions.
  • The Shrew hates Cotton-Tail.