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Samuel Whiskers is a villianous rat from Peter Rabbit (TV Series).


Sammy Whiskers is a greedy, clever rat who loves to steal things, especially food. He loves eating and stealing, but he really hates Cats. He once almost stole from the table at Mr. Jeremy Fisher's recital and even succeeded in stealing Jemima Puddle-Duck's home. He is a sneaky character and always seizes the chance to steal something that has caught his attention. Sammy Whiskers is also annoyed when he can't steal anything, and sometimes gets the other villains to help him do his bidding by offering something else in return, like the rabbits themselves. But luckily the rabbits manage to outsmart him and return the things he stole so his plans always backfire.

Physical Appearance[]

Sammy Whiskers is a grey and slightly plump adult rat. He wears a small black hat along with a blue coat and striped pants. Like Peter and his friends, Whiskers walks barefoot. As noted by Lily Bobtail, he has very sharp and scratchy claws.


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  • He is one of the greediest villains in the whole show.
  • Whiskers has an insatiable desire for cake and other sweets.
  • He and Peter Rabbit make a truce and temporarily work together to escape from Mr. Tod in the Lost Cage (the majority of the work was on the young rabbit's part however).
  • The rat has an odd habit of never eating the food he captures and always delays it to the point that he is captured by the rabbits and having the stolen good returned.
  • On The Start Of Spring he gets in trouble when he stole Jemima Puddleduck's egg.