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Peter Rabbit and Cotton-Tail Rabbit have a very close big brother and little sister relationship. Peter is very protective of his baby sister whenever she comes on an adventure with him and his friends and always makes sure to look out for her. Cotton-Tail seems to look up to her big brother and often wants to get into mischief with him.


Season 1[]

Episode 1[]

Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale

  • Peter took the Christmas star away from his sister, who were fighting over it and had Cotton-Tail up it on the tree, which made her happy.
  • Cotton-Tail was worried about Peter when she saw that he wasn't home and that it was getting dark outside.
  • Cotton-Tail got happy when she saw that Peter was outside of their home.

Episode 2[]

The Tale of the Radish Robber

  • Peter shared his radishes with her.
  • Peter was a bit proud that his sister was able to get the radishes from him.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both are rabbits.
  • Both love adventure.
  • Their favorite pie is filled with mixed berries.


  • Peter is older than Cotton-Tail
  • Peter is a boy and Cotton-Tail is a girl.


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