Owl Brown is an owl and one of the secondary antagonists of the Peter Rabbit (TV Series). He is also the enemy of Squirrel Nutkin.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Old Brown is a brown owl who sometimes wears eyeglasses. He is an old Owl that has a Beak, Brown Feathers, Brown Eyes.

Name: Old brown

Species: Owl

Gender: Male

Enenemies: Squirrel Nutkin, Peter, Lily



Old Brown likes being alone and not being woken up by the rabbits, Squirrel Nutkin and the Squirrel Tribe. Old Brown lives on an island called Owl Island in his tree. Hazelnuts also grow in Owl Island. The squirrels of the forest love hazelnuts, but Old Brown is always lurking around the island, so they have to watch out! Old Brown also hates being woken up from his naps by rabbits or squirrels, and hates when his eyeglasses are stolen! One of his skills is swooping down on the Squirrel Camp when they least expect it. He's also known for shouting, "Tailfeathers!" when he's annoyed and shouts ''Stop Thief!'' if anyone steals anything like when Nutkin stolen his eyeglasses or Owl Book. Old Brown hunts for Rabbits, Squirrels, Mice, Rats, Frogs and sometimes Mr Tolly on { The Tale of the Great Tortoise Rescue}. His most commen hobby is chasing the rabbits or the Squirells.

History Edit

A short-tempered owl who wants nothing but silence. Thus he would attack anyone who makes a sound within his vicinity. He constantly chases after Nutkin for disrupting the peace.


Old Brown's Gallery


  • On the tales of Scare Owl, Squirrel Hotpot and Old Brown's New Roost it appears that It's called The Great Owl Adventure.
  • He is only scared of other scary Owls or Brian the Scare Owl on { The Tale of the Scare Owl }
  • He eats Hazlenuts.
  • He is a reason Squirrel Nutkin does not have a tail anymore.
  • On series one 1-10 episodes, his tree looks different ( bigger and darker tree).
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