Mrs. Josephine Rabbit is Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail's loving mother and Benjamin Bunny's aunt. she was voiced by Stephanie Sheh (Season 1) and is now voiced by Katie Koslowski (Season 2).


As a strong, practical mother, Josephine provides for her brood in the most resourceful and traditional ways. She represents the heart of Peter's home life. No matter what happens to him, no matter how much trouble he gets into, Peter knows that his mother will always welcome him home with unconditional love and a warm embrace.

Josephine is a very kind, loving, caring rabbit who is always willing to help out her children or anyone who needs her help in any way she can. She holds Cotton-Tail in lots of episodes and Cotton-Tail and Josephine look at each other in The Tale of Cotton-Tail's Tooth.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Josephine is a female rabbit, with light brown fur and golden eyes. She wears a blue dress with a white flower pattern and a yellow sweater over it. She seems to look somewhat similar to Peter's Dad.

Relationships Edit


Peter RabbitEdit

Peter and his mother have a very good relationship, she supports him on his adventures and is very proud of her son for all that he does. Peter often gets into trouble trying to look for items for his mother and family, such as berries or vegetables so they can eat in the rabbit family burrow every season.

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Flopsy RabbitEdit

Flopsy is close to her mother and often helps her out around the burrow or with their baby sister, Cotton-Tail and her twin sister, Mopsy.

Mopsy RabbitEdit

Mopsy has a very similar relationship with their mother as twin her sister does. Mopsy helps their mother whenever she needed them to whether it is around the house, cooking, taking care of their baby sister, Cotton-Tail, and do chores.

Cotton-Tail RabbitEdit

Since Cotton-Tail is a baby she is often around her mother or if she sees her mother she will run over to her and want her to hold her tight.

Peter's Dad Edit

Josephine and her husband had a close relationship and she and Mr. Bouncer seem to have known him the best. She often compares Peter's behavior to her husband.


Mrs. Josephine Rabbit's Gallery


  • She worries about Peter.
  • It is said that she died in the Peter Rabbit film (Though it's unknown how she died)
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