Josephine Rabbit and Peter Rabbit have a very close and heartwarming mother and son relationship with one another. Peter will often go to his mother for advice on what to do on his adventures or when he has a problem. She will frequently tell him about his father's adventures during times of need. In fact she was the one who gave him his father's jacket, journal, and cart due to her knowing that her son wants to be just like him. Peter's mother is often seen consoling, embracing and caring for her son whenever a sad, forlorn, dejected and dispirited Peter is miserably sulking. Josephine truly loves her son, cares about him and wants him to excel just like her deceased husband. She also gets disappointed in Peter for bending the rules by lying and disobeying her orders and leading to trouble for her son's safety because a mother's love is unconditional. Nonetheless, Peter does have a heart and returns his mother's love whenever he receives her sympathy, and apologizes sincerely. Peter's relationship with his single widowed mother also shows how important it is for relationships to be unconditional, regardless of how "popular" or "better" the other one seems to be, in addition to growing up and taking responsibility, owning up to your mistakes, and to value your parents because of how it's not OK to disobey and lie to your parent for something you did.

The biggest message of the story is the advice what Peter's mother tells him, meaning that even when we've messed up or failed, we still have an opportunity to choose to ask for forgiveness or to change.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale

  • Josephine was a bit worried at first when Peter went to go to the store to make the deliveries.

Episode 2Edit

The Tale of the Radish Robber

  • She already knew that they where in Mr. McGregor's garden.

Episode 5Edit

The Tale of the Angry Cat

  • She believed Peter's story about the cat toy.

Season 2Edit

Episode 13Edit

  • She helped Peter save their family and friends from the clutches of Mr. Tod and Samuel Whiskers.


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