Flopsy Rabbit

Flopsy is Mopsy Rabbit 10 year-old twin sister, Peter Rabbit's older sister, Cotton-Tail Rabbit's older sister, Mrs. Josephine Rabbit's daughter, Benjamin Bunny's cousin, and Mr. Bouncer's niece. Flopsy is a character on Peter Rabbit (TV Series), and was voiced by Megan Taylor Harvey.

Personality Flopsy is bossy, snooty, and smug but she's sweet, nice, kind, caring and beautiful.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Flopsy is a female rabbit with brown fur and golden eyes. She wears a red dress with light blue highlights and white flowers on it.

Mrs. Josephine RabbitEdit

Mrs. Josephine Rabbit is close to Flopsy & Mopsy and often helps them out around the burrow with their little sister, Cotton-Tail and taking care of her by staying together in the rabbit family burrow in the woods.

Mopsy RabbitEdit

Mopsy is Flopsy's twin sister, they both are seen doing everything together and they are hardly ever apart from one another, but they also love taking care of their little 2-year-old sister, Cotton-Tail in the burrow and they're both 10-years-old.

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Peter RabbitEdit

Flopsy and Peter don't seem to have a very close relationship with each other, mostly due to the fact that Peter loves to go on an adventure with his friends and Flopsy likes to hang around her twin sister, Mopsy. Although she does seem to care about him whenever he is in trouble and she worries about him. Peter can be protective of her whenever she is in danger.

Cotton-Tail Rabbit Cotton-Tail's a little toddler baby and she cries in her crib. Flopsy rubs her face and Mopsy helps out. They love taking care of their little sister. Cotton-Tail likes her soft stuffed up bunny doll with a dress and her crib room and her baby carrot when she's asleep calmly and happy.


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  • Her favorite pie is mix berries.
  • She sings off key.
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