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Dr. Warren Bobtail
Vital statistics
Position Doctor, Lily's Father
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 15-40 pounds
Catchphrase Unknown

Dr. Warren Bobtail is a recurring character on the Peter Rabbit (TV Series) voiced by Shawn Curran.[]


He is Lily Bobtail's father and Mrs. Bobtail's husband.


Not too much about him but he is known to be quite caring and is very protective of his daughter, Lily, so much so that in The Tale of the Big Move he almost makes his family leave the Lake District out of fear for Lily's safety.

Physical Appearance[]

Mr. Bobtail is a light grey rabbit with blue eyes like Lily and Mrs. Bobtail. He also wears a blue shirt, a dark brownish-red suit, and a purple tie with dark purple stripes.


  • He has a strong sense of smell as proven in The Tale of the Big Move, being able to smell Tommy Brock.
  • He doesn't like danger and can get very worried and occasionally angry if Lily is in potential danger.