Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail are two best friends who team up with Lily's best friend and Benjamin's older cousin Peter Rabbit and the three of them go on adventures in the forest. They both treat each other like brother and sister, always look out for one another, and have each other's back whenever they need it. Lily essentially serves as the older sister figure being caring and nurturing towards Benjamin who serves as the younger brother being scaredy and hungry. However, due to age differences and a large lack of similarities, Lily most likely seems to like Peter, who not only shares more similarities with her but is also the same age as her.

Other NamesEdit

  • Bily(B/enjamin and L/illy)
  • Beny(Ben/jamin and Lil/y)


Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale

  • Benjamin said that he liked her

Episode 2Edit

The Tale of the Radish Robber

The Tale of Two Enemies

Episode 3Edit

The Tale of Benjamin's Strawberry Raid

The Tale of the Lying Fox

Episode 4Edit

The Tale of the Greedy Fox

The Tale of the Secret Treehouse

Episode 5Edit

The Tale of the Angry Cat

The Tale of Mr. Tod's Trap

Similarities and DifferencesEdit


  • Both are rabbits who eat the same fruits and vegetables, and go on the same adventures together (such as raiding Mr. McGregor's garden).
  • None of them have siblings.
  • Both are always there for each other.


  • Benjamin is a boy and Lily is a girl.
  • Benjamin is a brown rabbit and Lily is a white/gray rabbit.
  • Lily is more adventurous than Benjamin is, most of the time
  • Lily lives with both her mom and dad, Benjamin lives with only his dad.
  • Benjamin is more better at digging tunnels than Lily is.
  • Benjamin is a younger rabbit at 5-6 and Lily is 7-8 years old, around the same as Peter.
  • Lily always claims to know a thing or two about facts, while Benjamin seems clueless at even the most basic mysteries.
  • Lily can whistle, Benjamin can't
  • Lily can tie/untie knots, and unlock locks with her hair pin (a pink bobby pin). Benjamin can't.


Benjamin and Lily's Gallery


  • They live in a countryside