Benjamin Bunny
Vital statistics
Position Assistant
Age 6-7
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 9meters
Weight 1-30 pounds
Catchphrase "Rabbits are brave, rabbits are brave"

Benjamin Bunny (also called Benjamin Bouncer) is one of the three main protagonists in the Peter Rabbit (TV Series), and based on the fictional character of the same name created, written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter in "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny". The younger son of Peter, he is best known as the youngest, scared, hungry and impressionable one who always expects the worst. He is Peter Rabbit's cousin and travel companion in addition to being Lily Bobtail's friend and travel companion. An only child, he lives with his single father who is an inventor. He is voiced by Cillian Murphy in the US version and Nick Carter in the U.K. version. At 5, Benjamin is slightly younger than Peter, always up for anything Peter suggests and utterly hero-worships his big cousin.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Benjamin's typically scared nature, a tendancy for expecting the worst and his constant hunger lend themselves to some phrases including: "I'm so hungry', 'there goes my tummy alarm!' Oh, this is bad this is very very bad" Benjamin's main catchphrase is "rabbits are brave, rabbits are brave..."

Positive role model classification[edit | edit source]

Benjamin isn't a completely perfect role model due to his extreme anxieties, irresponsible clumsiness, and hunger but he's a great example of someone who is positive and naturally enjoying just being himself. He doesn't try so hard to be professional at tasks like his older cousin Peter does (mostly unsuccessfully). He is comfortable being different. Benjamin is never afraid to be exactly who he truly is -- a kind rabbit who loves his family and friends and shows it. And in a way, his anxieties and reluctance are beneficial because it saves him from getting caught in a trap like his older impulsive cousin, Peter. Despite being a bit irresponsible and clumsy causing occasional issues such as thwarting garden raids, and accidentally losing Peter's father's journal, he owns up to his mistakes, apologizes sincerely, learns his lesson and helps come up with plans to solve the problem. He is also a very kind, polite, loyal, helpful, resourceful rabbit and good friend who is sharing and caring, willing to help others out, and values other friendships despite his anxieties to carry out perilous tasks, and when crucial moments come, he valiantly musters up enough courage to get his act together (stand up to and cleverly escape from the predators).

Personality [edit | edit source]

Benjamin is a very nervous, shy, loving and sensitive rabbit. He can also be described as chubby, gullible, hungry, trusting and naïve. In short, he is an easy target for Peter's adventurous dares often holding the swing vote between his older cousin and Lily, usually Lily's choices of action.

This 'funny bunny' is one of life's clumsy, hungry and scared individuals. He always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, usually ending in comic results. However, Peter couldn't wish for a more good-natured, loyal cousin and companion.

Benjamin is a lot more likable and friendlier then he was in The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. While he's good-natured and loyal in the series, his original personality was focused more on him being greedy and not being scared of Mr. Mcgregor. While he's more of a coward in this adaptation. He was also older than Peter in the original books.

A Big Eater, Benjamin is always hungry and delights in garden raids leading to potential food .

Benjamin is also a very well-mannered boy, who has no problems in making new friends, as shown him bonding with Lily during the series premiere whereas his older cousin got off on the wrong foot but eventually made friends with Lily as well.

Looks[edit | edit source]

A boy bunny about 5-6 years old with brown fur. He has dark brown eyes (similar to his older cousin Peter's brown eyes) and a dark brown coat and a dark green wool hat as well during their adventures. His brown-furred ears are white-furred at the tip. The hat Benjamin wears looks a lot like the tam o' Shatner Benjamin wore briefly in the book he debuted in.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Benjamin is a very fast digger, which helps him out in hide and seek, trip Mr. McGregor's wheelbarrow, help bury squirrel nuts, dig new tunnels and more. It is one of the only things he can do better than Peter and Lily. Plus he always seems to know which of his dad's inventions can help him and his friends out when they're in trouble. Despite being slightly overweight, he can still sprint surprisingly fast like any rabbit.

List of Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1

  1. Peter Rabbit's Christmas Tale
  2. The Tale of the Radish Robber/The Tale of Two Enemies
  3. The Tale of Benjamin's Strawberry Raid/The Tale of the Lying Fox
  4. The Tale of the Greddy Fox/The Tale of the Secret Treehouse
  5. The Tale of the Angry Cat/The Tale of Mr. Tod's Trap
  6. The Tale of Nutkin on the Run/The Tale of the Wriggly Worms
  7. The Tale of Jemima's Egg/The Tale of the Great Breakout
  8. The Tale of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover/The Tale of the Unguarded Garden
  9. The Tale of the Start of Spring
  10. The Tale of the Big Move/The Tale of the Lost Tunnels
  11. The Tale of the Dash in the Dark/The Tale of the Grumpy Owl
  12. The Tale of the Down Hill Escape/The Tale of the Cat and the Rat
  13. The Tale of the Mother's Day Pie/The Tale of the Mystery Plum Thief
  14. The Tale of the Hazelnut Raid/The Tale of the Broken Bed
  15. The Tale of the Hero Rabbit/The Tale of the Falling Rock
  16. The Tale of the One That Got Away/The Tale of Cotton-tail's New Friend
  17. The Tale of the Runaway Kites/The Tale of the Surprising Sisters
  18. The Tale of the Giant Pumpkin/The Tale of the Fierce Bad Rabbit
  19. Majority of Tales

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Peter Rabbit[edit | edit source]

Due to being cousins, Peter and Benjamin are always on great terms who are very kind, loving, caring and nurturing in addition to being best friends with each other. They always go on adventures with one another, but Peter is more outgoing than Benjamin is. Benjamin mostly follows Peter's lead and does wherever Peter does. Despite being very scared, clumsy, irresponsible and hungry, Benjamin does indeed muster up the courage and gets his act together when the crucial moment comes, learning to be calm, quiet, fast and clever, coming up with brave and smart plans to escape. In fact, Benjamin also looks up to and sees his older cousin Peter like a big brother figure.

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Cotton-Tail Rabbit[edit | edit source]

Benjamin and Cotton-Tail are cousins as well. Benjamin will often look after Cotton-Tail whenever she with Peter, Lily and him on one of their adventures. If the two get into trouble Benjamin helps make sure that she stays safe.

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Mr. Bouncer[edit | edit source]

The two of them have a very close father and son relationship, Benjamin looks up to his father and is always proud of his father's inventions.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Lily Bobtail[edit | edit source]

Due to age differences, Benjamin and Lily have something of an older sister-younger brother relationship. Lily is best friends with Benjamin, who was well mannered when they first met whereas Peter cowardly got off on the wrong foot with her, but they buried the hatchet and they later became Friends

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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